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Share the Good News of Salvation with Others

Ask God to give you wisdom in sharing your faith. I find it helpful to carry suitable material, such as good testimonies, tracts or booklets, Christian DVD’s, etc, that I can give away as opportunities arise. When you have something good to give someone, it is not hard to witness. It is beneficial to memorize some Bible verses and a simple salvation presentation that is effective when speaking with other people, but most importantly you have to learn how to share your testimony. Your testimony is simply sharing what Christ has done and what He is doing in your life (Mark 5:19).

Telling others of your decision to follow Jesus might not be easy at times, but the more you live it and walk it, the more natural it becomes. I suggest that you first of all write down what God has done in your life, what drew you to the Lord and how you have seen God’s hand at work in your circumstances. You can add any favourite Scripture to it and any wisdom you have seen in Christ. Now try sharing this with a neighbour or friend, either by giving them a written copy or by using it in conversation. As you continue working on your testimony you can make it into a small booklet, make some photocopies and post it to relatives or friends. You can email your testimony around the world.

Sharing your faith with others allows you to go deeper in your walk with God (Philemon 6). It may be possible for you to join with some other Christians who do evangelism and learn from them. Get further training and become better equipped for the work of God. Studying the lives of some great missionaries or evangelists can inspire you to go further in your walk with Jesus. God has given us time in this world to bring as many as possible into His kingdom. There’s only one way to Heaven and that is through Jesus. Therefore every believer must be pointing others to Christ.

We must cultivate a desire for the salvation of others. Looking into the fires of Hell and the glories of Heaven should give you a strong desire to save other people. Do not be discouraged or give up if you are ignored, ridiculed or don’t seem to be making much progress at first. Ask God for more wisdom and He may show you another approach that might be better (Proverbs 11:30). Let your light shine before men, for you can save someone’s life. I was blessed that almost immediately after God’s power touched my life when I was 16 years old, I actively became involved with evangelism and sharing the gospel with unbelievers. In the next 20 years I was able to share the gospel with more than half-a-million people.

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