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10) Missions & Evangelism with Matthew Needham, Fiji (November/December 2014).

 As an evangelist, Christmas is a great time for sharing the gospel. Two mistakes that Christians can sometimes make at this time:

1) Go into holiday mode spiritually and just end up eating and spending too much;

2) See Christmas as a pagan festival that was merely incorporated by the Catholic Church. It is as if they want to hand it completely over to the devil by having nothing to do with Christmas.

Therefore to uphold the true meaning of Christmas, Christians should use this time to seek and to save the lost by upholding the reason for which Christ was born. A number of significant miracles, angelic visitations and signs took place to draw people’s attention to the first Christmas. This signs and miracles should still be proclaimed today, and the best time to do it is when the unbelievers minds can be draw to this subject. Therefore make the most of the Christmas season.

    Here is a summary and diary of my preaching for the last month:

 10th Mon, November. Gave parts 1 & 2 of my Elisha Bible study.

11th Tue. Preached on the theme “Build your team,” from Ephesians 4:11-13 to encourage the pastor in Newtown to build an effective ministry team. We had a nice dinner at the church after the service.

12th Wed. My weekly preaching at the maternity ward has continued. This morning I spoke to the pregnant women, as they waited for their checkups, from one of my tracts on having the love of God in your family - CLICK HERE

13th Thur. Spoke at a house fellowship from Acts 1:3 about how Jesus gave His disciples convincing proof that He had risen from the dead. Then I mentioned the testimonies of three men from more modern times who have had face to face encounters with the Lord.

14th Fri. I had to preach at another funeral type meeting. The father had made an acknowledgement of faith in Christ just before he had passed away, so even though all the family were Hindi, except for one Christian son, the funeral would be Christian and I was asked to speak for two of the nights. All the Hindu relatives were surprised to be coming to a Christian funeral when all they had known of the man was his life as a Hindu. These are the best kinds of outreach meetings and this night I focused on sharing the death and resurrection of Christ in a story type of format to try and bring them into the message.

15th Sat. Preached for the second time at the funeral gathering and continued the Jesus story, part 2.

16th Sun. Spoke at Grace Samaritan, AG Church, on the importance of humbling ourselves before God like a child, otherwise we cannot enter the kingdom (Matthew 18:1-14).

17th Mon. Went into Suva to meet the head of evangelism for the Assemblies of God. On the way I gave a discipleship booklet to a new Christian I met on the bus. She asked me if she should be re-baptized. She had been baptized as a child but had only more recently come back to the Lord after her backsliding. Other Christians had said to her that she didn’t need to get baptized again. My advice to her was that if she felt that it was needed, in that now she had made a true commitment to the Lord, then she should be baptized; for only now it will have its proper meaning for her.

Discussed evangelism with Rev. Tatatau, who is the evangelism and discipleship executive director for the AG, Fiji. He booked me in for an 8 day programme at one Fijian village from 31st Dec. till 7th January. Each night will be a gospel outreach meeting, with possible teaching during the day also.

More than a year ago, when I was last in Fiji, I shared the gospel with a Muslim teenager and a Hindu man who were sitting beside me on the bus. An interesting coincidence (or divine appointment) was that on my way home this Muslim teenager saw me on the bus so he came and sat behind me to talk. Then who should get onto the bus and sit beside me but the same Hindu man as last time. So I had an interesting talk with them, especially the Hindu man, about how Jesus was calling him to be saved.

 18th Tue. I spoke at a house fellowship from Exodus 20:4-6 about the sin of worshipping idols. I illustrated this from the history of Israel and how God raised up powerful prophets to confront the backslidden kings. Then I applied this message to the same need here in Fiji.

19th Wed. While on my way to preach at the maternity ward, I saw the massive fleet of vehicles escorting the Prime Minister of India. The roads had been blocked off for his arrival. To the mothers I preached to them about the childhood of Jesus from Luke 2:40. After that I started the mass printing of my John Wesley tract.

20th Thur. Preached at Rev. Tatatau’s (Tatau for short) mid-week meeting. Shared some testimonies and spoke about evangelism from 2 Timothy 4:1-5.

21st Fri. Picked up two large boxes of John Wesley tracts. Now I have the job of folding them. Finally got back to my Elisha Bible study and gave parts 3 & 4.

22nd Sat. Gave part 5 of the Elisha Bible study and then shifted to stay at a new house. I’m now staying with a blind man called Suresh and his wife Veena. Suresh has an interesting testimony. When he became a Christian his father gave him an ultimatum: come back to being a Hindu or leave the house. Even though he was totally blind he had to leave the house because he could not leave following Jesus. I will try and make a DVD of his testimony.

 23rd Sun. Preached at Hope Chapel on the “Glorious power of the second coming of Jesus Christ,” focusing on the great manifestation that will cause the nations to weep. The Apostles church was doing an open air outreach in the afternoon and a pastor invited me to share a testimony there. I got to meet the head of that denomination and the pastor who was doing the main preaching told me that he saw a vision of me in regard to helping him preach the gospel to Muslims.

24th Mon. Visited a Hindu family with a crippled daughter who I have known for many years now. Then went to the graduation service of a pre-school where I was the invited guest to hand out the certificates to the children. I was given some time to preach to the parents about bringing up godly children. I used the example of Joseph and Mary in how they brought up Jesus.

25th Tue. Dropped off some Wesley tracts for Tatau to take to the other island. Spoke at the house fellowship of Faith Pentecostal in the evening on the resurrection appearances of Christ, especially going through the story of Thomas (John 20:24-31).

26th Wed. Spoke about the resurrection appearances of Christ again and then gave out gospel of John DVDs at the maternity ward. In the evening I went with Ps Luke to have a Bible study with an Indian family. I spoke on the plan of God and the sin of worshipping idols. They phoned their auntie who was having short breath and she came for prayer.

27th Thur. Folded tracts and made DVD copies. Went into Suva and handed out about 900 Wesley tracts. Bumped into a few people I had given tracts to many years ago. Went to the place I had previously been staying to have some birthday cake; nice of them.

28th Fri. Went to a Fijian wedding in the evening and had to say the prayer of blessing for the couple.

29th Sat. Took a Bible study on the prophet Samuel in the afternoon. Our crusade which was going to be this weekend had been cancelled; therefore a revival meeting was planned at Faith Pentecostal for church leaders. Only about half who were invited turned up. I spoke on having a holy fear of God from Acts 5:11.

30th Sun. Preached at the Presbyterian Livingstone Church on ‘Do you have a guilty or a clear conscience?’ After the service I was taken to visit a Hindu family and shared with the grandmother and father who wanted prayer. I gave them a strong message why they should not worship idols. They listened to it well but idolatry is such a part of their lives that it seems hard to change them. Need more prayer.

1st Mon, December. Folded more tracts while listening to Leonard Ravenhill preaching (a great revivalist preacher). It was my fasting day. Those who don’t have a regular time of fasting I encourage them to also take up this habit of fasting every first day of the month.

2nd Tue. Gave a Bible study to Sami and his family on the Book of Revelation, for that was the topic he requested.

3rd Wed. Spoke at the maternity ward on the family of God, in the sense of knowing God as your Father. A man with a skin disease on his legs came to the house for prayer. I gave him a message about discerning the plan of God for his life. Went to the Indian family in the evening with Ps Luke as per last week, as they want to continue with weekly Bible studies. I shared with them on the wisdom of God’s plan of salvation, looking at it from an eternal perspective. The auntie who came for prayer last week couldn’t make it this time so I made arrangements to go to her house on Friday.

4th Thur. Went to Suva with Ps Ron to look into my visa extension situation. Then I did a mass distribution of tracts with a full backpack to distribute. I stood on a busy street corner in Suva for about three hours and was handing out tracts constantly all that time. Only two people argued with me – one who had studied all religions and had given up on Jesus, and another was a SDA lady who argued with me about the Sabbath. I see the Sabbath as being a totally different covenant than the new covenant of the gospel. Therefore Jewish Sabbath observance is not required and is worthless for one’s salvation.

Prayed with an Indian man whose wife had left him. A pastor seeing me there joined me in giving out tracts for a while. Later in the afternoon I got the news that it will be hard for me to renew my visa, so I’ll have to look into it again. Gave a Bible study to Sami and his family on when the rapture will take place, for that was the topic he requested after our previous Book of Revelation overview.

5th Fri. Went to the aunties house in the morning and shared testimonies with the family and a couple of people from the nearby house came over also. Went into Nausori town, as a special thanksgiving meeting had been organized for me to preach to the nurses. I spoke to them about evidence for faith from the creation of God and our conscience. Then I went to Suva for my visa situation.

6th Sat. Heavy rain all day; the heaviest since I’ve been in Fiji this time. Had a Bible study with Suresh on the Book of Jude, for he wanted to know about that book. Went to a thanksgiving service at Ps Ron’s church and was asked to give a short message on love.

7th Sun. Preached at Faith Pentecostal on the Christmas angelic appearances (Luke 1-2; Matthew 1).

8th Mon. When I was in the USA a couple of years back I met a famous Christian Hollywood actor and made sure that he got a copy of my book. We keep in contact but he wasn’t replying to me very often. Just before coming to Fiji he asked me when we can meet up, so I told him that I am going to Fiji to preach the gospel and he can meet me there. I didn’t get any reply, until a couple of days back. Now he is saying that he would like to do something in Fiji for the gospel and bring a team of skate boarders. While in Suva for my visa situation, I visited one pastor to talk with him about the possibilities for this USA team and doing large evangelistic shows.

9th Tue. Preached at an evening meeting in Nadawa. I got there a bit early so I walked around the nearby streets giving out tracts. Many of the houses had big fences and gates, so I just gave the tracts out where suitable. Preached a Christmas message to encourage the believers’ faith in what God can do in their lives.

10th Wed. Preached to a full room of mothers, focusing on the angelic appearance to Mary for the birth of Christ and applied it to their lives. Christmas time is the best time to be preaching at the maternity ward. In the evening we had our weekly Bible study with the Indian family. One of their cousins was there so he also got the strong salvation message as I took them through my version of the Ray Comfort style “Are you a good person?” tract.

11th Thur. Shared from Psalm 13 before having a time of prayer at the Faith Pentecostal prayer meeting. Was then taken to a family that are having marriage problems and had just had a big argument. Both the husband and wife were in tears. I shared with them a strong repentance message. The wife prayed to accept the Lord but the husband did not.

12th Fri. Spent most of the day at the immigration office trying to find a way to stay in the country. I had to go to the assistant director of immigration’s office three times. Ps Ron came to help. It was touch and go for a while, because if I couldn’t get the visa I’d have to fly out on Monday. Thankfully a solution was found and ministry here in Fiji will continue. I took Bible studies in the afternoon/evening with a Fijian family and then a Hindu family. Still rejoicing in my heart that I can stay longer in Fiji.

13th Sat. I had a day of visiting people, having small Bible studies and prayer when appropriate, answering questions and making friends.

14th Sun. Preached a Christmas message at Church of God of Prophecy, entitled, “Seeing the Baby,” looking at those who saw baby Jesus and why they needed to see Him.

 Please pray for these upcoming events:

21st Sunday, 10 am. Hope Chapel, Foursquare Church, Ps Luke, Nausori.

31st -7th January – Korovou, with Ps Tatau.

Continue to pray for the printing of my latest book, “To Live or to Die.” The publisher is telling me that it is just about ready to go to print, but I’m still waiting for that.

‘An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger” (Luke 2:9-12).



9) Missions & Evangelism with Matthew Needham, Fiji (October/November 2014).

Here was my work for the last month (since my last newsletter):

10-12th Oct. Our gospel crusade went well. I preached on the first night, giving some keys for healing; similar to what evangelist Bill Subritzky shares at the beginning of most of his meetings. A number of Hindus came forward for prayer.

Bill has recently been unwell and has requested prayer. Even though he is now in his older years, he still wants to be able to continue preaching the gospel and to lead more souls to Christ before he goes to Heaven. Let’s pray that he will fully recover and God will yet use him to do a greater work.

12th Sunday. Had to preach twice in the morning. First message was on the names and titles of Christ and the second message was on evidence for faith.

16th Thur. At a house meeting I spoke on raising up prophets like John the Baptist. He prepared the way for the first coming of Christ, but we must prepare the way for the second coming of Christ.

18th Sat. Met a young Fijian man who is training to become an Anglican priest, so I had a good time discussing many things with him. He was saved from a rough background.

19th Sun. Preached at Neighbourhood AG Church from 2 Corinthians 11:3 on being devoted to Jesus, and again I mentioned His name and titles. In the afternoon we had a follow up meeting with the new converts from the crusade, which were two older Indian couples from a Hindu background. I shared on the wisdom in God’s plan of salvation, from creation to the cross.

20th Mon. For the last few days I had been carrying a concern for a Fijian teenage girl who had been rejected from her home by her stepmother and had been living with school friends for the last month. She had asked me for help so I took it upon myself to find her a new place to live. God had gone before me and one Indian pastor (Ps Ronald) came with me to collect her and we took her to the house of a Fijian pastor (Ps Luke), whose wife had volunteered to look after her when I was asking anyone I could think of to find a place for her. She is now living with this family.

That evening I had to share at a house meeting so I spoke on God wiping away every tear from our eyes from Revelation 21 & 22, and what it will be like in the kingdom of God for eternity.

21st Tue. Went to the hospital to pray for one pastor and then found that Ps Ronald, who had helped me the day before, was there lying on a stretcher, about to be wheeled into the x-ray room, due to heart problems that had started yesterday afternoon.

22nd Wed. I have started preaching again at the maternity unit (as I had been preaching there on a weekly basis last year, to the pregnant mothers as they waited for their check up). Spoke from Revelation 21 & 22 again and very much enjoyed it as the mothers are a great audience.

23rd Thur. This was a public holiday due to a Hindu festival. I had been asked to take a seminar on the end times at the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower in Samabala (Jesus Calls was the ministry I was working with back in NZ). I went through Matthew chapter 24, which are the words of Jesus on the end time events. Then I had half an hour of answering questions and another half an hour praying for people. I found that there was a good open heaven to be able to give a word of encouragement to each person who came for prayer.

24th Fri. I wrote a tract on the life of John Wesley, which I had wanted to do for some time. A few days earlier I was giving out some tracts in Nausori town and I asked a Fijian young man if he went to the Methodist church. He said, “No, I go to Wesley.” He didn’t even seem to know that the Wesley Church is the Methodist Church. I therefore wanted to write a tract on their founder to help the Methodists of Fiji to once again have revival.

You can read my John Wesley tract - CLICK HERE

 25th Sat. Made 500 photocopies of the Wesley tract and gave them out in Nausori town. They were distributed very quickly and even though it was raining heavily I enjoyed giving out the tracts. I took a Bible study that night at the home where I am staying on the Accuser and the Intercessor – the difference between Satan and Jesus. This is actually a series of messages that I first preached when I was in Fiji in 2003 but had never finished writing.

26th Sun. Preached at Central Revival Centre, an AG church, on preparing the world for the second coming of Jesus Christ. I took this message from 2 Peter 3:3-13. Again I found that there was an open heaven to give words of encouragement to those who came forward for prayer.

27th Mon. I often stay at Ps Reginald’s house when I’m Suva side, as he has helped organize meetings for me and various house midweek meetings at times also. That evening I shared on “Know Your Calling” from Ephesians 4:11. Ryan (8 years old) wanted to know his calling, so I encouraged him to pray each night for the next few days and ask Jesus to speak to him about it.

28th Tue. Went to the AG (Assemblies of God) headquarters and met a man in charge of evangelism who was looking for an English speaking evangelist for meetings in Vanua Levu (the second main island). So if it works out I’ll take those meetings on that island in December. Please pray that it will work out.

That evening I preached in Nakelo with Ps Mala at a Fijian church. I spoke on being sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and also shared my grandmother’s salvation testimony.

29th Wed. I spoke this morning at the maternity unit on the salvation of John Wesley. I used my Wesley tract and gave out gospel of John DVDs. Later I made another 200 copies of the Wesley tract. If there was a good sponsor I would made 50,000 copies of the Wesley testimony, as it is a good one for distributing around the villages throughout all the Fiji islands.

In the evening I went with Ps Reginald to Suva to a ministry called The Ark. They are an outreach to the people living on the streets. They provide a meal, but before giving out the food the preacher has ten minutes to speak. The street lights were not working that night and about 35 people were there in the semi dark. I had ten minutes to give a quick fiery salvation message, so I gave some keys on breaking through with God, where I focused on the attitudes of our hearts.

30th Thur. Went to visit Ps Ronald in hospital and opposite his bed found that the relative of another Indian friend was there. I prayed for a few of the patients in that room and then the other friend told me that it was his mother-in-law’s funeral meeting that night and he asked me to come and preach. Indians here often have three days of meetings for a funeral rather than the European one day. They also have memorial meetings later on. This was the final night of the first three nights of meetings.

A main speaker was already there but after his message I was given ten minutes to address the people. Before the service I was talking to a young Indian man and he was telling me that all streams lead to the same river, which is a common type of comment from Hindus who claim that all paths lead to God. When I tried to address this issue with him he quickly changed the topic. He was a banker, so I told him that he has to be extra careful because Jesus said that it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

When I was given my ten minutes I spoke on principles of salvation to challenge unbelievers. I preached with the young banker in mind. I noticed that he was listening well and the seed was sown. Many Hindus were there that night and I gave them a few challenges to examine their own hearts to see if they were unfortunately still lost in sin, but I said it in a way where they all clapped in appreciation for the message when I finished.

31st Fri. Had a rest day and did some study about how God searches our hearts.

1st Sat. Went to Ps Reginald’s place as he had organized for me to preach at another memorial service. The couple of the house had been looking after the grandmother who had passed away. The lady taking care of the grandmother was a Christian from a Muslim background and that is why I was told some Muslims, and Hindus also, would be at the service that night.

I spoke on life after death, included my grandmother’s salvation testimony, and explained why Jesus had to die upon the cross for our sins and rise from the dead as our only true provision for salvation. I only noticed about three Muslims there, but maybe there were others who were not dressed in the obvious Muslim dress. The salvation message was very clear and one Hindu lady thanked me nicely for the message. A number of believers said to me that whoever doesn't get saved after hearing that message will have no excuse on the Day of Judgment.

2nd Sun. I preached at Ps Jonathan Suresh’s church in Vatuwaqa on the glorious power of the second coming of Christ. A young man was filming it on his ipad and said that he will be posting that message on youtude. I haven’t seen if he has done so yet.

3rd Mon. A rest day, so I revised one of my strong salvation messages and was doing research for it, when I came across an interesting story about a missionary to Korea who was martyred, so I posted that story on my facebook page.

4th. Tue. While going to speak at a house meeting I met a man on the road from the Mormon church, so I explained to him why that church had gone astray. He listened very well, as did another lady who was walking along the same road. I was getting late so I went straight from talking to them to preach at the house meeting, where I shared the testimony of John the Baptist.

5th Wed. Shared at the maternity unit, again using the story of John the Baptist, but this time I emphasized more his birth and it’s significance for them as mothers who are with child.

6th Thur. Preached again in Nakelo, but this time to a larger audience than the previous week. I was struggling to know what to preach about, but finally decided to speak on receiving the wisdom of God, using the example of the request of King Solomon. The message came out well.

7th Fri. Bible study at the home where I’m staying and I shared more in-depth on the life of John the Baptist.

8th Sat. Gave a Bible study on the life of the prophet Elijah, which was done in like style as my John the Baptist message. Also tied many things about their lives together and applied it to the end time prophets that God will be raising up in preparation for the second coming of Christ.

9th Sun. Preached twice this morning at Ps Binesh’s church in Newtown. First message was on prayer and the second message was the testimony of Stephen from Acts 6-7, and those martyred for the sake of the gospel. At the end of the service the pastor asked if I could come and share with them again this coming Tuesday, which I accepted.

Had a prayer time in the afternoon/evening with Humble Ministries for our next gospel crusade.

10th Mon. Just finished writing this email and now posting it out, so you are up to date with my news. I’ll probably share a Bible study today on the prophet Elisha.

 Please pray for these upcoming events:

11th Tue, 7:30 pm. Great Commission Ministry, Ps Binesh, Khalsa Rd, Newtown.

12th Wed. Every Wednesday morning preaching at the maternity unit in Nausori.

13th Thursday, 7:30 pm. Grace Samaritan Assembly of God Church, Korociriciri Road

16th Sunday, 10 am. Grace Samaritan Assembly of God Church, Korociriciri Road

23rd Sunday, 10 am. Hope Chapel, Foursquare Church, Ps Luke, Nausori.

28th-30th will be our crusade with Humble Ministries. I will probably preach on the 28th and two other speakers will be the following nights.

30th Sunday, Ps Edward Amit. Presbyterian Livingstone Church, Nausori.

Also continue to pray for the printing of my latest book, “To Live or to Die”, which we have been praying for all year, but we press on until the work is completed. Thanks.

 ‘A voice of one calling: “In the desert prepare the way for the LORD; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God. Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain. And the glory of the LORD will be revealed, and all mankind together will see it. For the mouth of the LORD has spoken” (Isaiah 40:3-5).



8) Missions & Evangelism with Matthew Needham, Fiji (October 2014).

On the 11th of September I went to visit my 93 year old grandmother, knowing that it would probably be my last opportunity to make sure that she was saved and ready to enter the kingdom of God. Before this time, whenever I had tried to share with her about the Lord it would only last a couple of minutes. She wouldn’t ask me questions about it or show much interest to discuss it, and the conversation would soon be changed to another topic.

She was open to being prayer for when leaving, but she still seemed to be ignorant of the important truths needed for salvation and even up till my visit on the 11th I wasn’t sure where she really stood with God. My father had been praying for the salvation of his mother from when he was saved, 45 years ago. His prayer has been that the Lord would not take her from this earth until she was ready to go. Others have joined in praying for her salvation also.

Considering these things my discussion with my nana on the 11th was amazing. I recorded it and it is now available on my website. Listening to this message you would think that is was so easy for her to accept the Lord, but for most of her life it was not like that. She was a gentle and kind person, but I remember many years earlier when she came to stay with us and watch one of my mother’s church shows, Nana said to me, “It is good that you believe, but I don’t have faith.” Yet as she drew near to the end of her life she began to listen to my father’s encouragements to pray.

    Here is my salvation discussion with her (It takes a couple of minutes to get into it) - CLICK HERE

16th Sep. My nana had a fall and was rushed to the Auckland hospital. The doctor gave her a slim chance of surviving. I saw her a couple of times before flying out on my next mission to Fiji, but by then her mind was starting to fail and we knew that she could go at any time.

 24th Wed. Flew to Fiji.

25th Thur. Shared the story of my nana’s salvation at a morning house fellowship.

26th Fri. Did house to house visitation. Shared with a backslidden Fijian man for more than half an hour on letting God search his heart and wash away the evil. He confessed certain sins and finally after an inner struggle he recommitted his life to the Lord. At the next house there was an Indian university student who recommitted her life to the Lord as I shared a similar message on having a soft heart. Tears where flowing from her eyes as I was sharing.

An older Hindu lady also gave her life to the Lord that day. I was with two Indian Christians and one interpreted for me as I shared about the glory of Jesus from Revelation chapter one and about the Second Coming of Christ from Revelation chapter nineteen. They had shared with this older lady numerous times before and now she was ready to accept.

27th Sat. Was picked up from the pastor’s house I had been staying with by a friend with a taxi to go to the other side of the island, but it turned out that he had another job to do so he dropped me off at the taxi stand. While I was waiting there I met one Fijian pastor, upon finding out who I was, he invited me to preach at his church the next day. He said that God must have sent him there to meet me, so that was great. On the journey we stopped in one town to have lunch with his children.

28th Sun. Preached at his church, which was Hope Chapel, Foursquare Church. I spoke from Acts 26 about the conversion of the apostle Paul. About 15 people came forward to rededicate their lives to the Lord.

Unbeknown to me at the time my grandmother had passed away that morning.

29th Mon. At a prayer meeting that night I shared from Luke 18 about prayer and also shared my nana’s testimony.

30th Tue. Gave out a few tracts and DVDs in Nausori town. One man argued with me that I was not pronouncing the name “Jesus” properly and that he doesn’t believe in Jesus because that was not the original name. I said to him that people don’t have to learn Hebrew in order to be able to go to Heaven. You can pronounce “Jesus” however you pronounce it in your own language.

He claimed that you could only be saved if you pronounced it correctly in the original way. I kept going over his claims to try and show him that he will waste his life with false arguments he if continues to spread that kind of information. He seemed to come under conviction at the end as I tried to show him that salvation is not about how you pronounce the word.

There were 31 people at the house fellowship that night. I shared about life after death from the story of the repentant criminal on the cross next to Christ (Luke 23:32-43), and included my nana’s testimony. A number of Hindus were there and I gave a strong altar call, but none of them responded. A clear message of salvation was sown into their hearts though and hopefully one day they will not be afraid to confess faith in Christ.

1st Wed, October. At the house meeting I shared a very similar message to the previous night to 8 people, but it turned out that there were another 3 people listening from the nearby rooms. One of them being an older Hindu lady whose daughters were Christians but she has remained as a Hindu. After she came out I gave an extra little message just for her, mentioning that today was the funeral of my grandmother and that God didn’t want me to be at the funeral but had chosen me to be here in Fiji to use my nana’s story to lead other people to salvation. She was greatly touched but said that she still needed more time before she could change. Let’s believe that this lady will be saved in response to her daughters’ prayers.

2nd Thur. I went with one pastor to a funeral and in personal conversation I shared with a few people from 1 John 2:22 about why I believed that the Muslim religion was the Antichrist religion. At the cemetery the graves are dug and covered after burial by the inmates from a nearby prison. I shared for some time with one of the prisoners my 1 John 2:22 message. When returning home on the bus I was able to give out tracts to a number of Fijian students.

3rd Fri. Gave out tracts in town. A pastor’s son who was backslidden due to compromising with alcohol took many different tracts and was reading them as he was waiting for the bus. Made copies of the Sadhu Sundar Singh testimony to give out to Hindus.

 4th Sat. Went to the Assemblies of God pastors prayer breakfast. Made and renewed some good contacts.

5th Sun. Preached at Christian City Church, Newtown, Suva, on removing the sin of unbelief, which I took from Psalm 14:1-3. It was a testimony and apologetics type of message to give evidence for believing in God. In the afternoon I went to the crusade ground where they were putting on some roofing for our meetings next week.

6th Mon. Took a tiny boat ride to cross over to Rewa where there are just Fijian villages. Took a small Bible study with a friend I knew from last year, encouraged a young man to become a powerful servant of God as he accompanied us on the long walking, and gave out some tracts to whoever I seemed to bump into.

7th Tue. The house fellowship that night was in a three storey ship that has been crafted into a house; great place. I shared a similar message again on the reason why everyone should believe in God. The family where the meeting was held recommitted their lives to the Lord. When I gave the altar call the father immediately raised his hand and upon seeing that his two young sons immediately raised their hands. When asked to come forward to lead them in prayer the wife and the grandmother came out also, so it was a whole family rededication.

8th Wed. Did some house to house visitation in the crusade area, first of all to some Muslim houses who took the tracts and crusade invitation nicely but did not have any desire to talk. The majority of the Muslim houses are painted green. At one Hindu house the man invited us to have a cup of tea, so shared a good message with him and he said that he will come to the crusade.

MIRACLE HEALING CRUSADE, 10th-12 October, 2014.

Nausori, Fiji. Lakena Irrigation Rd @ Brother Immanuel’s Residence


Friday 7pm – Matthew Needham, Evangelist (NZ)

Saturday 7pm – Rev Josefa Tuitubau, Pastor (Fj)

Sunday 6pm – Ravi Shankar, Evangelist (Fj)

12th October – 9am, preaching at Faith Pentecostal Fellowship, Nausori.

19th October – 8:30am, Neighbourhood Assemblies of God, Nausori.

 PLEASE PRAY: Pray that my time in Fiji will extend the kingdom of God and produce lasting fruit in the salvation of Hindus and Muslims and revival among believers.

Also, continue to pray for my book printing as I have been waiting for this all year.

Even though my grandmother went to Heaven as a spiritual baby, pray that many will be saved through her testimony. Thank you.

‘Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near. Let the wicked forsake his way and the evil man his thoughts. Let him turn to the Lord, and he will have mercy on him, and to our God, for he will freely pardon’ (Isaiah 55:6-7).



7) Missions & Evangelism with Matthew Needham, New Zealand (September 2014).

 Jesus came to change people’s lives and make them into radical followers of Him. In various ways we can face opposition and rejection due to the Word of God. That’s why we have to keep pressing into the Lord and keep stirring the fires of evangelism so they burn in our hearts. God says to “be strong and very courageous” (Joshua 1:7). Therefore be bold and courageous for Jesus Christ!

This coming Saturday we have our next seminar; this one being on the End Times. If you are in Auckland and want to be stirred up for God then come along.

Good news is that the Lord has released me to go back to the mission field. I’ve been waiting for this all year. About ten days back I felt a release in the spiritual realm to go. I have a heart for New Zealand but in some ways a greater heart for the nations. It is interesting when seeking to walk in God’s timing what He opens up.

It was only a week ago that I realized where I was to go. About three or four days before that I felt in my spirit that the door was suddenly opened. There was no longer the “stop” sign; there was now a green light to go. For a long time I’ve been waiting to see how my latest book printing would work out and that’s another story that is still happening, but meanwhile this missions trip has opened.

As soon as I felt the release I went to the Flight Centre to check out plane tickets. I had one country in mind so I went to the travel agent to check it out and while I was there it was like “no, this is not the place.” So I had to leave it and pray for another day or two about which place to go to. As I was committing it into God’s hand and waiting upon God for the answer it was to return to Fiji. Therefore I will be heading back to Fiji on the 24th September for my tenth missions trip there.

As soon as Fiji was confirmed in my heart I again went back to the Flight Centre and I had to go by train. I sat down beside a man on the train who had only been in NZ for a bit over a week, having come from Fiji. I gave a number of tracts to this Fijian man and told him that I was just on my way to get my ticket to go to his country. He said that he was looking for a church here in Auckland, so I advised him to go to Church Unlimited, as he was staying not too far from there. God has always given me an open door for ministry in Fiji. Suddenly there was this release so I move when God moves me.

PLEASE PRAY: Pray for our seminar that God will move mightily to awaken people to the crucial signs of the times and the significant events that are taking place right now. Pray for God’s anointing upon myself and Michael Jacobsen who again will be one of the speakers.

Please pray for my missions trip to Fiji that God will greatly anoint the preaching of His Word. I will be there for four months.

Continue to pray for my book printing. When I return from Fiji it will be all go with that.

‘Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8).


6) Missions & Evangelism with Matthew Needham, New Zealand (August 2014).

 I recently had a 9 days evangelism trip to Gisborne (and also visited Tauranga), where I was basically on the streets all day handing out tracts. It had its challenges and its blessings. The good thing was that many DVDs and tracts were distributed to all kinds of people.

The missions report is worth reading, especially if you are interested in the salvation of New Zealand and the frontline battles of evangelism in this country. Since it is a bit long you’ll need to look at it when you have time. Also included there is a tribute to Evangelist Weston Carryer, whose funeral I attended in Tauranga. Here is the link to the mission report - CLICK HERE

  I got to preach at a lunch outreach while in Gisborne to those in need of a free feed; many of them having alcohol and drug addictions. This was at the Assemblies of God church. I recorded that preaching, which was some testimonies and the call of salvation - CLICK HERE

 Our next seminar is this Saturday, 9th August, at Mt Roskill. The theme is, “Renew the Passion for Saving Souls.” If you are in the Auckland area we would love to see you there. Please pray that God will move mightily through this seminar.

On the 22nd August I’ll be speaking at a small gathering and my message will be on the importance of bringing up children in the way of the Lord. Also continue to pray for my book printing and that this will bring multitudes to the Lord. Thanks.

    ‘I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent’ (Luke 15:7).



5) Missions & Evangelism with Matthew Needham, New Zealand (July 2014).

Our second seminar, which was on “Hearing the Voice of God” went very well, and now we are planning our third seminar which will be on Saturday the 9th of August, entitled, “Renew the Passion for Saving Lost Souls.” It will be at the same venue, 1/80 Carr Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland, NZ. 2-5pm. All welcome. Speakers will be Matthew Needham and Michael Jacobsen.

I’ve been feeling to get back into street preaching, as well as the normal witnessing and handing out tracts. It is always an interesting challenge, but it has been going well. Tomorrow I head off to Gisborne for a few days to do some street witnessing there. Please pray that God’s strength and power will be in me and through me.

A couple of weeks back I got to know a very talented guitarist, who busks on Queen Street with a little amp. Ended up having long conversations with various interesting people, including an hour discussing spiritual experiences with an older American man who had an interesting spiritual experience himself, even though he was still an unbeliever. He had delved into the wrong kind of stuff so I had to explain to him the demonic side of things. A nice man, and in some ways close to God’s kingdom and in other ways so far away. We have to keep crying out to God that people like this will be saved.

The guitarist had my “Jesus transformed my life” tract sitting on his guitar cover and people wondered if it was him, until he pointed over to me. I was also giving out my tract “No Sex before Marriage.” Powerful, straight up, confrontational, and a key topic to discuss with people. I had a discussion with a university student and he was so open to listen. We can win people back to the Biblical view of marriage. The guitarist is on his third marriage so I’m trying to encourage him to do things right now. I’m sure I’ll keep seeing him after I get back from Gisborne.

My main book printing project in the US is still having some hiccups so please continue to pray that this work will be completed and will breakthrough to bring hundreds and thousands of people into God’s kingdom. I’ve made 125 copies of my latest evangelism DVD. Over the years I’ve given away more than 3000 missions and evangelism DVDs. Looking for the day when I can do mass distribution of DVD’s, tracts and gospel booklets in the millions of copies. That’s why I need your prayer. Thank you.

Also pray for the salvation of the people of Gisborne: Population – Terrotorial 46,700. Urban 34,800 (June 2013 estimate). The region's population has higher than the national average proportion of Māori - over 50% in some areas - and still maintains strong ties to both Māori tradition and the iwi and marae structure. On 20 December 2007, the Gisborne region was hit by an earthquake of Richter magnitude 6.8. Its Māori name, Te Tai Rāwhiti, means the Coast of the Sunrise, reflecting the fact that it is the first part of the New Zealand mainland to see the sun rise.

Part two of my TV interview - CLICK HERE



4) Missions & evangelism with Matthew Needham, New Zealand (June 2014).

On Saturday the 14th of June there will be a seminar at the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower, 1/80 Carr Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland, for anyone who is able to come. It will be in the afternoon, 2-5pm. The speakers are evangelist Matthew Needham and evangelist Michael Jacobsen. The focus of the messages will be on the power of God, healing, deliverance and the baptism with the Holy Spirit for the furtherance of the gospel.

Please pray for the wonderful presence of Christ to be manifested there, that miracles will take place in people’s lives and that it will be a life changing day. Please pray that God will draw people to come for this will be our first time to do this kind of seminar here.

    Other news: Part one of my TV interview by Reufus was played on FACE TV a few weeks back and part two is about to be played. Part one can be seen at this link - CLICK HERE

    Please continue to pray for my book printing in the US. The cover design and checking of the book are in its final process and a very professional job is being done. I’m hoping to be in the US before the end of July, otherwise August.

Also commit this upcoming meeting to the Lord in prayer: Mission Christian Centre – 21 Akatea Rd, Glendene, Sunday 15th June, 10am. I’m thinking to speak on how God called me to be a missionary and related topics. Thanks.

    ‘But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth’ (Acts 1:8).



3) Missions & Evangelism with Matthew Needham, New Zealand (May, 2014).

In March of last year (2013) there was a conference in Auckland with evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. During that time I got to meet a few new people, one of them being an Indian man by the name of Reufus. I gave him one of my missions DVDs and he told me that he wanted to do a TV programme, mentioning that he would like to interview me. That sounded great. One year later Reufus contacted me with talk of it finally being able to happen. We met at the FACE TV studio (which used to be called Triangle TV) and did a half an hour interview where he asked me the following questions:

 1) We know God saves us from our sinful life. What was your experience in receiving this great salvation? How and when did you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour?

2) Recently you have been to Fiji. What are your experiences ministering there? How do you feel when you go there? Did you realise that God really wanted you to go?

3) You have been to so many counties to preach the Word. Do you need to follow a different strategy in different countries?

4) You have been to Pakistan to preach the Word. How did the people respond to the gospel there?

5) What do you do in the street evangelism?

6) I never thought of preaching the gospel in the night club. How did people react for that?

7) What is the special message your new book has for the readers which is titled, “To Live or to Die”?

8) Is prison ministry different from other ministry?

9) Have you seen any difference in preaching the gospel to Hindus and Muslims, and how do you approach them initially?

10) Have any miracles happened in your ministry?

The interview went well with a strong emphasis on the way to salvation. Reufus said that he would be making two half an hour programmes so the interview would be split in two and items or singing from Indian churches here in NZ would be included. I have not yet seen how it has been edited and I am not having the Sky channels, so I look forward to seeing how it has come out. When I get a DVD copy I hope to eventually put it onto youtube. But for those who do have Sky you might like to check it out this Saturday, 10th May, 11-11:30 am, Face Television, Sky Channel 83.

My latest book, “To Live or to Die” is still in the hands of the publishers. The last they told me was that it would be printed end of May, but even that looks unlikely now. If it can be printed before the end of June then I still hope to be in the US for three months from July. Let’s see how it goes.

Please pray: that the message of “To Live or to Die” will reap a great harvest of souls and that God will also use these TV programmes to reach many people. Continue to pray that the vision of doing large scale gospel crusades through Africa and Asia will be fulfilled. Thank you.

‘Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel’ (Ephesians 6:19).



2) Missions & Evangelism with Matthew Needham (March, 2014)

A quick update from here in Auckland, NZ. Last week I went to Bill Subritzky's evangelistic meeting on Wednesday which had a good size crowd. There was a great presence of God there and I always come away from his meetings feeling refreshed.

Thursday went to a Samoan church prayer meeting and Friday went to an Indian one. Saturday went to a pastor’s breakfast where everyone got to share a little bit about what they are doing or anything on their heart.

Sunday afternoon I was with a Queen Street witnessing team for the first time since I did my fast. It was a great afternoon and a great movie which they showed that evening at their church on the wonders of God through creation. I'll have to get a copy of it as it is well worth seeing and showing to others. The week before I was preaching at Avondale AG on the Glorious Power of the Second Coming of Christ. A link to the audio message - CLICK HERE

 Last night I was at the Jesus Calls prayer tower and tonight going to a meeting of an Africa pastor from Ghana who has a church here in Auckland. Always great to meet a Ghanaian as I had been a missionary there a long time back now.

My latest book is moving ahead slowly. The edited version came and I sent it back with a couple of small revisions, so it is getting close to being ready. I'm thinking that when I go to the US for my book promoting I'll stop over in the Pacific on the way or the way back, either in Fiji again or Vanuatu or the Marshall Islands. But still waiting for the editing to be completed and the book to be printed first. A lot of patience and perseverance is needed for book printing breakthroughs.

The Spanish section on my website is increasing to become more effective for reaching the Spanish speaking world - CLICK HERE

    Keep praying for the book printing; finance to complete this and major breakthrough in the US and Europe. The aim is then move into the large scale gospel crusades (five to ten thousand size people meetings), so we have to keep praying for the vision to be fulfilled. Thanks.

‘And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come’ (Matthew 24:14).



1) Missions & Evangelism with Matthew Needham, New Zealand (December, 2013).

Reflecting on 2013, I have to say that it was a great year for the gospel. This time last year I was in the USA, working hard to distribute 1200 copies of my end-times book in and around New York. That book is also available now as a Kindle version eBook - CLICK HERE

My next book, “To Live or to Die?” is being published with the same publisher, so hopefully in March 2014 I’ll be heading back to New York to do evangelism in Spring Valley, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. Here are some testimonies from prisoners in the US who received my first book:

“Today I received a book from your ministry. Thank you very much. It will not go to waste as I will read it and then pass it on to those whom are interested. I do this even though I am not a Christian but an agnostic that tends to lead toward polytheism… Currently I am on page 25 and find your writings to be insightful. So far you seem to be a competent author with a good message.”

“I wanted not just to write to thank you, but to tell you about a conversation your book started. I had laid the book on my bed and my roommate saw it. So that started a healthy conversation on our religious viewpoints. So if the point of your book is to open minds and start conversations, know that you have been successful. I will read your book with passion.”

  “I received your book. I was somewhat amazed. The fact that you yourself reached out to me. I was very grateful. I read all the literature and your book. I am a Christian. I am saved. But I have been drifting far away for a long time…

I have been locked up for five years and I’m tired. I’ve done everything you can imagine to be “ok” with life. But I finally realized that this life is a constant struggle. But with Christ it can be peaceful. I really wanted to just write and tell you thank you for reaching out to me. On Dec 4th I went to breakfast and got into a really bad fight. Now I’m facing new charges. So, I really am in need of spiritual guidance. Your book was incredible. It helped me to understand things I’ve never been able to.

So, thanks for giving me your book. I’m only a stranger. And to have someone think of me in this way really means a lot to me.”

  “I got a brief letter from you today and a few pamphlets which was a pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing this information and as usual I do pass it on to others…

I must admit I do not have any friends and I never had a white friend to say the least. Also under these conditions it’s rare to meet sincere men that has no sexual interest. And I really want to know someone who is doing all they can to walk correctly in this world.

A little bit about myself: I’m 41 years old. I’ve been incarcerated for almost 21 years. I have 7 more to go. Both of my brothers have passed on since I’ve been incarcerated. I have 3 children, and 4 grandchildren.”

 “Since that first day I picked up your book and began to read it, I felt that at last I had found what it was I had been looking for all my life! And something told me to write and find out more of what this had to offer me in my search for spiritual awakening…

Something kept telling me not to just read this to help pass the hours away, but to read it and keep it in my heart and mind. So, since I’ve been reading your book I’ve been applying some of the things that I’ve read to my daily life, and I’ve been like a new person!

….just earlier today, I was reading in my cell during 3 pm count time and I kept having trouble seeing, and my face felt like it was on fire. So I reached up and started to rub my eyes, and it was only then that I realized that I had tears in my eyes and running down my face. Then they came freely as I knelt to thank God for your book and for you, and all the others that are trying to bring the world together to live in harmony with each other and with God…

I’m not ashamed to tell the whole world that I’ve found a new life. I see a lot of changes in my life already from my daily talks with God; it’s working wonders, and I seem to be getting closer to the Lord already. I eventually want to speak to troubled teens…

By the way, I’ve been sentenced to 60 months for a white collar crime that I committed… You know I’m actually glad for the time I’ve recently received.”

 That was some testimonies. My next book, entitled “To Live or Die?” will be more effective in getting people saved. Youtube clip about my up and coming book - CLICK HERE

In the middle of 2013 I was in Fiji for four months, joined by another evangelist called Michael Jacobsen, who then stayed on in Fiji to complete four months himself. It was a time of nonstop preaching and witnessing as there is so much opportunity and so much work to be done. Michael is now seeking the Lord for further guidance and for going as a fulltime evangelist. It will be interesting to see how his ministry continues to develop.

 Recently I’ve been putting some of my Fiji messages, along with many others, onto my website. I now have messages online with Hindi, Nepali, Urdu, Telugu, Spanish translations; tracts in Swahili, Thai, Tibetan languages, etc. If you like being built up in the Lord through listening to sermons, here is a good one about the adventures of a missionary in preaching the gospel to Buddhists - CLICK HERE

Otherwise, have a look through what might be of interest to you – CLICK HERE

  PLEASE PRAY: The book printing is moving ahead, so please pray that major breakthroughs will come through this as I’ll be trying many things to bring in a great harvest of salvations. Once the book breakthrough comes I’ll be moving into the large scale gospel crusades and pressing ahead to shake nations and reach millions with the gospel.

I am expecting 2014 to be a year of major breakthrough, but also need your prayers for this. Thanks. I encourage you to make 2014 a year of advance for the gospel, for we only have this generation to reach this generation. Very soon we will enter eternity. God bless.

    ‘Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession’ (Psalm 2:8).


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