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There is Life After Death

Is it possible to receive eternal life? Or is man’s search for immortality nothing but a fantasy, an impossible dream that has no basis of reality? What will happen when your body dies and your spirit leaves its mortal shell?

What if Heaven and Hell are not some ancient man-made myths but are the final outcome of our decisions? What if this life does determine our eternal position? Are you prepared for what awaits beyond the grave?



Regeneration is the production of new cells and the ability to restore lost or damaged tissues, as well as organs or limbs. As little as 25% of a liver can regenerate into a whole liver. Regeneration in humans is limited, yet we see it most often in the healing of wounds and the mending of bones.

The human skin is the largest organ of the body. It has the amazing ability to constantly regenerate itself. Young skin regenerates its surface area every two to three weeks. Theoretically, biology affirms the idea that we could live forever. Yet we are somehow held under the bondage and curse of death.


Germination is the process in which a seed emerges from a period of dormancy. Lotus seeds as old as 2000 years have germinated, which is a remarkable feat of restoration of life. It is as if the spirit of man is cased inside a shell —the human body. The body will die but when the right conditions are met the spirit of man will enter a resurrection body and come into new life. Our real life, our spirit, can never die, yet our outward shell, the human body, has to die before we can receive our final state. A dormant seed appears to have no life, just as it is for a dead body, but the Bible promises that the day of resurrection is coming (John 5:28-29).


The change from a caterpillar, to a lifeless looking chrysalis, to the emergence of a splendidly winged butterfly has been used as a symbol of resurrection. The butterfly illustrates a change from a limited earthbound creature into a new form. For the Christian believer, dying and going to Heaven can be likened to the experience of a butterfly. To become a beautiful butterfly the caterpillar has to leave behind its old life. To experience the resurrection power of Jesus Christ we have to let Him save us from our sins.


Often those who seek to do the right thing suffer for their goodness, while those who are wicked seem to prosper. Since justice often does not prevail in this life, there will be a time and place where it will. Moral responsibility and practical ethics require us to believe in God and expect life beyond the grave so that what is done in this world is accounted for. People need to put things right and then walk righteously during this lifetime, otherwise they will have an eternity of regret when justice prevails.


A near-death experience (NDE) can include feelings of detachment from the body, warmth, the presence of light, total serenity and peace or extreme fear. An NDE can take place when a person is unconscious or clinically dead, with an absence of heartbeat and breathing. There have been people with no brain function, as in the case of cardiac arrest, which gives the closest example as to whether or not conscious experiences can occur apart from the physical brain. People born blind have seen during their NDE.

Often people have a sensation of floating above their own body and seeing the surrounding area; moving down a tunnel with a strong, bright light or garden at the end; meeting deceased relatives or spiritual figures; encountering a being of light; being given a review of their life or the phenomenon of seeing the major events in their life flashing before their eyes; a feeling of being returned to their body and given a second chance to amend something in their life. These types of experiences give evidence of the human soul and a glimpse into the afterlife. Many have testified of seeing Heaven or Hell.


If Christ rose from the dead, then we know with certainty that God exists, so that is why atheists will immediately challenge the validity of Christ and His resurrection. They will attack the eyewitness testimony that is in favour of His resurrection. Eyewitness testimony is what settles many court cases and disputes. The Bible contains an eyewitness account of the resurrection of Christ and the ongoing work of Christ through His church. Therefore, atheists will attack the validity of the Bible.

Two thousand years ago the disciples specifically and publicly declared that Jesus had risen from the dead. There were many people alive at that time who could have disputed this. If Jesus had not risen, all the Jews or Romans had to do was produce a body. Everyone near Jerusalem knew that Jesus was a real person who was crucified and whose tomb was empty. This was not a false rumour that was going around. More than 500 people claimed to have seen the risen Christ. The first Christian mass conversion was in Jerusalem, among many who had not believed in Jesus until after His resurrection.

I have no doubts about the resurrection of Christ because Jesus is not just a figure in history for me. He is a real Lord and Saviour whom I have come to know personally. Jesus was raised from the dead and because of that we too can have faith that we will be resurrected. Christ has conquered death so that the way of salvation is opened for all who will believe. Christ’s resurrection is evidence for the existence of God.


The Bible says that God has set eternity in the hearts of men (Ecclesiastes 3:11). God has done this in a profound way to lead us into His kingdom. To know what happens after death you should determine to know whether or not the teachings of Christ are true. God Himself confronts us with eternity and our destiny is determined by our response. No man has power over the day of his death and therefore man’s mortality points us to look to Jesus for our salvation.

Walking through graveyards and contemplating the age of many who are buried there, should awaken within you a cry for salvation. Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead so that we can know what lies beyond the grave. There is no salvation without believing in the resurrection of Christ.

Imagine if today was your last day on this earth, what have you really accomplished with your life? No one is guaranteed another day and nobody really knows if they will be gone tomorrow. It is wise to fear God.

If today was your last day, imagine how foolish it would be to say to God, “Okay, You might exist, but I’m too busy now to think about You. Actually I’m more interested in living for today and having fun. Maybe in the future I will think of You, but not now.” Unfortunately many people die while still holding onto that kind of attitude. If you are living in sin today, there is no guarantee that you will be saved in the future.

I hope you will take the salvation of your soul seriously and you will not miss this opportunity to think about what you are really doing with your life. Atheism leaves one with no hope after death, yet faith in God grants the assurance of eternal life.



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