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The Ministry of John Fergusson

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Organizing Gospel Campaigns for Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

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School of Healing (28th January 2017)

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The Law of the Spirit of Life (28th January 2017) - CLICK HERE
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The lesson of patience is one of the hardest. It is easy to trust the Lord in the heat of battle. It is much harder in the desert, when He doesn’t speak at all, nor even share His plans. We rejoiced in God’s grace and waited in peace.

As we were able to, we had been holding small crusades in India, and several thousand people had made decisions for Christ. But most who attended the meetings were already believers. Then one day preparing for an event near Hyderabad, the Lord said, “Do not hold pastors’ meetings, but instead hold a School of Healing.”

During Bonnke’s crusades we had prayed for many hundreds of sick people, and while many thousands were healed in the meetings, only rarely had I seen anyone healed when I prayed for them personally. So now I panicked! I rushed to our nearest bookshop and bought everything I could find on healing. All had a different theology, and I became very confused. So I set about studying all the miracles and healings in the Bible, and began to discover things I had never seen before.

The day came, and over 100 attended. I was very nervous. Would anyone be healed? But I needn’t have doubted our faithful God! After the School I asked the delegates to minister to the sick on the campaign ground that evening, and many came forward to testify that the Lord had indeed healed them.

So began the next phase of our ministry. Our next School of Healing was in Kerala, India. A man with a withered leg was there, and when his neighbour laid hands on him, his leg grew and straightened. To great applause, he walked up and down demonstrating his new ability. I rejoiced that the Lord was doing miracles, but very sad that the church seemed to have forgotten this gift from God. In that same School I felt we should encourage the delegates to take their new found faith into the streets. When the moment came, it was pouring with rain. “They will never go out,” the host pastor said. But into the rain they went, two by two, just as the Lord had sent them.

One pair later returned with a third man and stood, dripping, to tell their tale. They had found the man lying stone drunk in the gutter. Bending down, they rebuked the demon of alcoholism, and the man awoke, sober. They then shared the gospel with him, and led him to Christ. He stood there beaming! You can also give your life to the Lord Jesus and have the same joy of salvation.

“Jesus, have mercy on me. I have been a lost sinner, but now I repent and put my faith in You. Save me, Lord Jesus, and make me into a true Christian.”

In July 2005, John & Bron moved their home to Auckland, New Zealand. In 2006 they spent 6 months in Rwanda assisting in the organisation Hope:Rwanda.

John first visited Nepal in 2007, and has returned there twice a year since then, leading teams to run schools of healing, gospel campaigns, pastors’ conferences, humanitarian support and printing Christian literature.

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