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Matthew Needham

I believe that each of us has to wait upon the Lord and ask the question of Acts 22:10.

"What shall I do, Lord?" I asked.'

We need to know what Jesus wants us to do.

Darrell and Jenny Curtis

Hi Matthew. I'm the Elder from Orewa Baptist Church who was involved in your recent visit to us. I have just finished your book "To Live or Die" - and was particularly impressed with the final chapter "The Power to Transform" and the prayers contained in it. Very much after my own heart!

I would love to send you an article I wrote recently about responding to the Corona Virus Pandemic, but do not have your actual E-mail address.

(I don't think it is possible to attach a file to this Guestbook Comment - or is that just my technological ignorance showing?) I am very much distressed at the lack of concern or urgency for evangelism in our church and amongst it's leaders at present and wondered if you have any suggestions? The Lord gave me the scripture Acts 17:30 in response to my questions about the Corona Virus - but it seems to largely fall on deaf ears. I truly believe God is challenging all men everywhere to repent - and believe the gospel! I LONG to see evangelism really happening here in New Zealand and wonder how I can encorage this?! Thanks for your visit to us. It really encoraged my heart! Darrell

Devin Rajiaha

Dear Pastor Matthew

Calvary Greetings to you from Mauritius. Blessing to land aboard to your website. Best wishes and congratulations to you for the work you have undertaken. May God pour out His sweet anointing and Glory in this dynamic ministry. May the Lord continue to INCREASE you in all you are doing for His kingdom. May you experience great favor as you proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Abundant Blessings to you and your family.

Together in the Harvest:

Pastor Devin & Simla Rajiah.

Royal Road, Bambous 90103

Mauritius Island.

Tel No. (230) 452 - O324

Cell No. (230) 5798 -5895



Pastor Mumtaz

Name of Ministry : Gospel Flame Ministry

Greetings & Peace in the name of Lord Jesus!


I am chairman of Gospel Flame Ministry in Pakistan. My name is Pastor Mumtaz Mukhtar. I baptized with water and filled with Holy Spirit. Our Gospel Flame Ministry is serving in Faisalabad/Pakistan. We are running this ministry on faith and self support. Faisalabad is 3rd largest city of Pakistan. Faisalabad being the third biggest city having a population figure of 8,429,547. Faisalabad city is surrounded with rural and backwards areas. Many people?s are working on [Brick yard] where peoples make bricks. They are earning money on daily wages. Due to this reason many people?s can?t get formal education in schools. In Faisalabad literacy ratio is very low and most of peoples are uneducated. Most of peoples do not know about gospel because here majority of non-believers peoples. As you know our ministry is serving in Pakistan. We know better our society from others peoples who are not living in our society. Many evangelism ministries have misconceptions about Pakistani peoples. They think! in Pakistan all peoples are involved in terrorist activity. But it is not true. As a servant of the Lord Jesus I want to tell you Pakistani peoples are very simple and hospitable. Many people?s want to learn about gospel and want to become true believers but due to the lack of resources we are unable to reach to these areas people.

Request for Evangelism in Persecuted Minorities and Become your Member:

We have visited your website. No, doubt your ministry working day & night for the kingdom of God and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. Gospel Flame Ministry is inviting your evangelism team in Pakistan for revival of the gospel. As, your evangelism team reaching to unreached peoples and organizing evangelism activities. My desire is please come in Pakistan and evangelize Non-believers peoples. Who don?t have faith in Jesus Christ. I believe you will save millions souls in the name of Jesus Christ. Many peoples will accept Jesus Christ as savior and Lord and they will get salvation through your evangelism program. For this purpose, I would request to you! Please organize your evangelism program in Pakistan and evangelize our non-believers community. We are living among these nations Muslims, Hindu, Sikh. We will support your evangelism programs voluntarily. In our society dire need of evangelism. We will host your evangelism team and take care of them. We will ensure your security. We are ready to become your member and missionary.

Targeted Areas:

Dawood Colony, Rasool Park, Yousafabad, Marriamabad, Maskinabad, Madina Town. We wish your evangelism team come in these targeted areas and evangelize these peoples. I believe God will do miracle in our society through your participation. If you are agree to evangelize non-believers of these areas people who never heard the word of God. Please contact us. I will wait for your reply as soon as possible.

Online Meetings: If you want to do with us online meetings, we welcome you.

Ministry Needs: Keyboard, Vehicle, Sound System, Church Planting, Bible School.

Thank you,

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Mumtaz Mukhtar.

Contact Detail:

Skype; Gospel Flame Ministry

Chak No, 214 R-B Dawood Colony St# 1 P# 3 Faisalabad/Pakistan.

Tel: +92-308-6651634/+92-300-9823637


Let us go go toward the victory daily and confess only salvation in Jesus blood with born of the Holy Spirit and fight a good the fight with the lord´s help in wisdom and be sowing our seed in God to reap very well living harvest in Christ,thanks and bless and win and pray,keijo sweden


Praise God brother Matthew,

Iam so much excited to know about you as you work hard for the lord. i love that because iam also the missionary and the pastor here in Uganda Africa.God willing we shall meet one time to preach the gospel... thanks tro Elizabeth whom i met in kenya some years back and i thank her for introducing you to me.

Raveena Kumar

Thank you Matthew for sharing your journey and many others later with our Lord Jesus Christ.

May our Good Lord bless your journey abundantly.

Vinaka and Dhanyabaad,

Raveena from Fiji

Setaita Tupua-Kalou

Thank you for sharing!

Robert ongera Ombeka

This is the end of times. I urge my fellow brothers and sisters to get close to the power of Christ Jesus which gives hope and saves lives, Amen

Alan Keith Jones

Wow! What a beautifu and inspiring site! God is good! this is my second attempt - not sure the first went.

Alan Keith Jones

Wow! How beautiful and inspiring this site is! I shall share it with your nephews and neice! (...and everyone else!) love you - miss you brother!


Great website and tool for God's Kingdom. Can't wait to see more.

weenie suryaningsih

great job!! God bless u!!


Good Job :)

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