These tracts should be printed on A4 paper, double sided. Fold twice into a pamphlet.

    God bless you as you witness for Christ.

Amazing! Miracles Are Real - CLICK HERE

Answering A False Argument That We Should Not Use The English Word "Jesus" - CLICK HERE

Answering False Arguments Against The Bible - CLICK HERE

Are You Saved? - CLICK HERE

Awesome Encounters With God (Brian Bailey Testimony) - CLICK HERE 

Breaking Drug Addiction (Jackie Pullinger Testimony) - CLICK HERE

Confess Your Sins And Be Saved - CLICK HERE

Do You Believe In God? - CLICK HERE

Do You Believe In Life After Death? - CLICK HERE

Do You Have God's Love In Your Family? - CLICK HERE

Do You Know God's Love? - CLICK HERE 

Do You Need Healing Prayer? - CLICK HERE

Drive Out The Demons - CLICK HERE

Encounter God (Barry Raeburn Testimony) - CLICK HERE

From Hate To Love (Robert Brown Testimony) - CLICK HERE

God's Love Can Set You Free - CLICK HERE

Good News For Muslims - CLICK HERE

How Jesus Transformed My Life - CLICK HERE

How To Receive God's Power - CLICK HERE

Is God Angry With You? - CLICK HERE

Is Homosexuality A Sin? - CLICK HERE

Jesus Christ Did Not Return In 70 AD - CLICK HERE

Life After Death (Ian McCormack Testimony) - CLICK HERE

Love One Another (Rodney Francis Testimony) - CLICK HERE

Merry Christmas - CLICK HERE

No Sex Before Marriage - CLICK HERE

Receive Your Healing - CLICK HERE

Responding To The Call Of Salvation - CLICK HERE

Sexual Sin Ruins Any Nation - CLICK HERE

Stop! Don't Go To Hell - CLICK HERE

The Big "J" - The Jerry DeOleo Story - CLICK HERE

The Divine Being Known As The Holy Spirit - CLICK HERE

The Drunken Fool - CLICK HERE

The False Prophet Of LDS - CLICK HERE

The Fijian Street Preacher (Eroni Racule Testimony) - CLICK HERE

The Power Of Speaking In Tongues - CLICK HERE

The Sabbath Versus The Gospel - CLICK HERE

The Salvation Of John Wesley - CLICK HERE

The Terrible Sin Of Denying Jesus - CLICK HERE

This Is What I Believe - CLICK HERE

What Has God Done For You - CLICK HERE

(Use a red pen on the picture of Jesus to highlight His precious blood)

What The Bible Says About Idols - CLICK HERE

When Will The Rapture Take Place? - CLICK HERE

Why Jesus Christ Is The Saviour Of The Jews And The King Of Israel - CLICK HERE

Why The Jehovah's Witnesses Are False Prophets - CLICK HERE

Please let me know if you have downloaded any of these tracts and they have been of help to you. Thanks

Love Jesus Institute Of Biblical Studies - CLICK HERE

Making Every Believer a Strong Believer (discipleship booklet) - CLICK HERE

Overwhelmed by the Wonders of Heaven - CLICK HERE

One Man's Journey - The story of an ordinary Kiwi by Fred Needham - CLICK HERE

Jesus The Wonderful Healer - The testimony of Weston Carryer - CLICK HERE

Why Hindus and Buddhists Should Follow the Lord Jesus Christ - CLICK HERE