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Muslims Touched by the Love of Jesus

While I was doing missionary work among Muslims in Africa these amazing stories happened - CLICK HERE

Make Sure of Your Salvation

This was the first evangelistic book that I published, back in 2007 - CLICK HERE 

Walking in God's Power

I wrote this book while organizing healing outreach meetings for an anointed man of God. Our faith for miracles has to be based upon God's Word - CLICK HERE

What Should I Do For Jesus?

Get yourself prepared and equipped to serve the Lord - CLICK HERE

How the Devil Destroyed the Youth Group

One night I couldn't sleep as I thought about the youth I had known who had fallen away from the Lord. Out of that deep concern I wrote this book - CLICK HERE

The Church That Might Save The World!

Many churches have the potential of doing great things for God, but will they? - CLICK HERE

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