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Abandon Your Unbelief

UNBELIEF: It is a person's withholding confidence from the truth of God. The heart's rejection of evidence,

and refusal to be influenced by it.

It is the will in the attitude of opposition to truth perceived and evidence presented.

     As we go through the following questions, I will give evidence as to why it is necessary to acknowledge a Supreme Being and Divine Creator:

1) Do You Believe That Nothing Created Everything?

Some atheistic scientists have claimed that due to the law of gravity the universe can and will create itself from nothing, but isn’t that illogical? Can you really believe that everything came from nothing without the agency of a Divine Being?

A building is proof that there was a builder. A painting is proof that there was a painter. You don’t have to see the actual builder, nor the painter, to know that they exist. The work of their hands is all the evidence you need. Likewise, creation proves that there is a Creator.

2) Was This Universe Formed Due To A Mysterious “Big Bang” Or By The Divine Will Of A Sovereign Creator?

The big bang theory doesn’t know what existed before the supposed “Big Bang”. Therefore it does not explain the initial source of matter. Explosions cause a mess and do not form wonders of intricate design.

Can you believe that you are nothing more than a random collection of molecules and the end product of a mindless process? The integrated complexity of the world of physics has led many to confess that there must be a Divine Intelligence behind it and therefore it is a necessity for us to believe in God.

3) Does The Universe Have Evidence Of Design?

As we examine the universe we find that it is extremely “fine-tuned” in order to allow for the existence of life on Earth.

Our planet needed to be within the right galaxy size, type, location; our planetary axis and rotation had to be right, along with our surface gravity, tidal force, magnetic field, oceans-to-continents ratio, proximity and mass of other planets, atmospheric temperature, carbon dioxide and oxygen levels in the atmosphere, and a multitude of other factors. It is as if our position in the universe is a deliberate set up. The appearance of design is evidence for the existence of a Creator.

4) Do You Realize That The Moon Is A Sign From God?

The Moon is about 3,476 km (2,160 miles) in diameter, while the diameter of the Sun is huge, about 1,391,980 km (864,938 miles). The amazing thing is that from the position of the Earth in our solar system, the Moon and the Sun appear the same size, and that is why it is possible to have a total solar eclipse either once or twice a year.

The Earth, Moon and Sun are perfectly positioned. This is either a fluke of nature or a sign of a Divine Intellect who placed the Earth in its precise position for man’s benefit. Considering the vast expanse we are dealing with, the mathematical perfection of this leads me to believe that this universe is the work of a Creator with a divine mind. The Moon is a miracle; a sign from God.

5) Where Did Your Ability To Think Originally Come From?

Conscious, living, thinking creatures cannot come from materials that don’t have that property. Consciousness has unique properties because it cannot be made out of worldly materials. This points to how we are not purely material beings but also spiritual. It also points to how we were created by God and that a superior intelligence had guided the development of man.

Our ability to reason and to make moral choices could not be the evolutionary by-product of non-thinking matter, but rather the reflection of a Divine Creator. This also shows why God, our Creator, has to be a conscious intelligent Being, rather than some mere force.

6) Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?

This principle can be seen in many ways. Which came first, your heart or your blood; your lungs, your throat, or the perfect mixture of gases that could sustain life? Which came first, the plants or the insects that pollinate the plants? How did the immune system develop when living things were dying without it? Can complex operational systems such as eyes and ears evolve by accident when simultaneous functions are needed to be in place before they could work?

There had to be an instant creation to start many things off and produce the beginning process of life. The theory of evolution falls to pieces when you understand this basic principle of the chicken and the egg. Our very existence points to a Creator with a Divine Intellect.

7) Do You Believe That A Cat Can Turn Into A Dog?

Those who believe in the theory of evolution believe that one species can turn into another, if given enough time. It has been observed that after hundreds of thousands of generations of mutating bacteria, they are still bacteria. Generations of fruit flies have been subjected to forced mutations, yet they have remained fruit flies. All kinds of different types of mice have been bred for lab experiments, yet they remain mice.

Everyone agrees that a certain level of biological change can take place over time as a natural result of reproduction. One cat can produce many kinds of variations of cats by natural selection, but a cat could never produce an elephant. One dog can produce many variations in breed of dogs, but a dog could never produce an alligator. The fact that a cat cannot turn into a dog necessitates a Divine Creator. This is evidence for the existence of God.

Don’t let evolution make a monkey out of you. What we observe in nature is that each species produces after its own kind. Why then should we believe that man originates from another species? It is better to consider the possibility that the Bible is right in explaining to us the origin of the species.


The answers to these questions all show that God is great. There are powerful arguments for the existence of God and the necessity for everyone to believe in Him. You cannot explain the universe without the need of acknowledging a Divine Creator. Good evidence has just been presented for your consideration, but then it comes down to your choice and what you decide to believe! I believe in God and strongly urge you to do the same so that you can make sure of your salvation.

Atheists seem to think that just by looking at the things around them there is no need to hypothesize the existence of God. That is not true, for the evidence right in front of us does reveal the fingerprints of the Divine Being who is worthy of praise.

Atheism is the stumbling block to a thoughtful consideration of God and it needs to be removed in order for someone to find God.

You may be surprised to find the name of your Creator. It is the Lord Jesus Christ. The Creator of the universe came from Heaven to reveal God to those who want to know Him, yet those in darkness do not understand the light (John 1:1-5).

An atheistic man said to me that he can’t choose to believe in God just as you can’t choose whom you will love. My view is that you can choose to love people and you can intellectually choose to believe in God because there are obvious reasons why everyone should follow their Creator. You must set your will to believe in God because it is the right thing to do.


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