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Matthew Needham is an international evangelist and pastor called by God at the age of 16 to begin an evangelistic ministry in 1990. He stepped out by faith in 1991 at the age of seventeen to travel through his home country of New Zealand, witnessing on the streets and working through whichever churches gave him opportunity.

After six years of doing street evangelism, he went on his first overseas missions trip to Fiji at the end of 1996 and into 1997, but returned home feeling unprepared. A call to the mission field came a second time in 1999, which led him into conducting gospel outreach campaigns, as well as evangelism among Muslims in Africa. In 2001 Matthew was in Ghana, Burkina Faso and Mali.

A third time, in 2003, the Lord called him to leave everything and go. This time to preach the gospel to the Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists of India and Nepal. He had two trips to Pakistan during 2008-10. He visited Nigeria and was then working for the Lord in the East African countries of Kenya and Uganda in 2011-12.

Matthew's testimony booklets have been translated into many languages and hundreds of thousands of copies were given out in street witnessing to share the gospel with those who have never heard the good news of salvation. Thousands of copies of his books have also been distributed to reach unbelievers and to strengthen the church in the work that Christ has given us to do.

In 2012-13 Matthew spent time in the USA distributing his end-times book on Bible prophecy - CLICK HERE. He then returned to Fiji for his ninth missions trip there.

Matthew married his beautiful Fijian Indian bride, Natasha, on the 2nd of January 2016, and they were based in Fiji. Natasha is a pastor's daughter, nurse, gifted in worship and hospitality, as many missionaries have stayed in their house, which they refer to as "The Missionary Hotel". Matthew and Natasha had their first child, Genesis Amara Needham, on the 12th of March 2017.

Matthew’s passion is to reveal the glory of the Lord Jesus to those who are living in spiritual darkness and to press ahead to reach the fullness of Christ through the ministries of evangelist, teacher and pastor. For many years he was involved in literature and open air gospel campaigns. Matthew does large and small outreach meetings, leader’s seminars, Bible College teaching, street evangelism, and witnessing. His love for the Lord and for the salvation of lost souls is bringing many into the kingdom of God.

In August of 2017 Matthew was appointed as the senior pastor of a church in West Auckland, New Zealand, where he served for two years eight months. As a family they are presently looking forward to what God has in store next.

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